California receives 200 million acre-feet of water each year.
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$('#drop22').bt('River Flow
Water flows through two main rivers to the Central Valley.
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A 700+ mile aqueduct supplies Southern California water.
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Santa Clarita’s water flows to Castaic Lake for storage until use.
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where your water comes from


State Water Project


In a normal year California receives about 200 million acre-feet of water from precipitation (snow and rain fall) and imports from Colorado, Oregon and Mexico. One acre-foot is the amount of water it takes to cover a football field one foot deep.

River Flow

Most of the water flows into the Central Valley, mainly through the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers.

California Aqueduct

In order to supply water to the growing populations of Southern California, engineers needed to develop adequate and reliable systems capable of moving water along the 700+ mile journey from Northern to Southern California. The system, formally known as the State Water Project includes:

  • 33 Dams
  • 34 Storage Facilities, Reservoirs and Lakes
  • 25 Pumping and Hydro-Electric Generation Plants
  • 701 Miles of Aqueducts

Castaic Lake

For the Santa Clarita Valley, the State Water Project water ends its journey in Castaic Lake where it is stored until it is used to provide clean drinking water.


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